Sr. Executive Human Resource

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We are looking for an experienced team member in HR department who will be accountable for Statutory Compliance, Labour Laws, Administration, Documentations, HR Operations, Canteen & Security.
We expect to have deep knowledge in Statutory compliance & Admin.

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Recruitment & Selection:

-Ensuring timely fulfillment of new manpower's requirements whenever required HR Budget Guidelines for Contract Manpower

- Ensuring selection of right candidates as per the defined criteria contract Manpower

- Coordinating for Recruitment related to On roll Staff

HR Operation:

-Regular visit to the shop floor, ensuring strong discipline among contract labours, closely interact/communicate with them, build good rapport with them and develop bonding consistently with them.

-Interacting with line supervisor regarding manpower absenteeism/manpower requirement.

-Tracking daily absenteeism & interacting with contract labours.

-Supporting with good environment with all the resources -working conditions, canteen, and admin facilities

-Weekly interacting with operators regarding absenteeism & other issues & counselling to them.

-Taking actions with respect to high absenteeism.

- Encouraging participation through suggestions, KAIZEN, 5S, other plant level competition & safety week competition (Yearly).

-Arranging meeting once in a month with labours & supervisors regarding various ongoing issues

-Surprise Night shift audit one or two times in a month briefing employees the purpose.

-Ensuring disciplinary actions related with misconducts.

-After joining of new labours ensuring set clear goals and objectives through training also briefing them about attendance bonus benefit & KPI incentive benefits

-Implementations of various labour laws amendments in the organizations.

-Dealing with personal problems of labours & coordinating with supervisor resolving them if possible.

MIS & Documentation:

-Daily headcount MIS reporting.

-Daily attendance & OT monitoring.

-Weekly analysis of absenteeism & identifying issues & resolving.

-Identifying attrition issues of contract labors. Interacting with left labors & taking exit feedback from them & taking actions to reduce attrition also maintain MIS of the same.

-Monthly analysis of absenteeism & taking actions for improvement in absenteeism ratio.

-Identifying higher absenteeism of labors & initiating action with coordination to Head of department

-Maintaining files of New joining in hard as well as in soft format.

-Maintaining various registers as per various labor laws.

-Maintaining various MIS related with Contract labors ( Mondays, OT hours, wages, addition /deletion, absenteeism )

- Maintaining records for all statutory compliances

-Maintaining all the documents submitted for various lice.

Statutory Compliance:

- Ensuring all the statutory compliance are compiled as per the compliance calendar & ACT.

- Ensure all liaisoning work i.e MPCP, PT, Factory Lic., fire, etc documentation to be completed & liaison done with govt. authorities

- Ensuring PF, ESIC, PT, etc. are filed by the contractor on monthly basis

Canteen & Security 

• Responsible for supervision of canteen related matters such as quality, bill verification, housekeeping, etc.

• Immediate redressal of any queries related to any complaint related to quality, quantity, housekeeping, etc. 

• Responsible for regular coordination with security agencies to arrange enough security staff as per requirement

• Complete supervision and deployment of security staff in different areas of factory to ensure proper security check • Conduct surprise checks to ensure the security staffs are working properly

학력 및 경험

  • Graduate/Post Graduate
  • 5 to 7 years of work experience
  • Good interpersonal communication skills.


  • Good Communication skill
  • Able to work in team as well as independently.